Responsive Chat on Mobile
Fine tune your mobile experience: you can choose among four different mobile modes for smartphones.

Mobile layout over site content
This is the default mode, Flyzoo will render the mobile version over the site content.

Perfect for websites with a simple and a clean HTML/CSS layout.

Mobile layout on external window
Launch an external window with the mobile version.

The external page provides a lightweight, fast solution for sites where a complex HTML/CSS/JS might affect the chat behavior.

You can also set a custom image for the background.

Open a custom page on the site
Build a dedicated page on your site to host the mobile version: useful to add custom elements like menus, images, etc...

You don't have to start from scratch, we provide a very simple template
(Custom Mobile Page Kit) to help you build the page in a few minutes!

Download the Custom Mobile Page Kit 1.0

Start a group chat on external window
Assign and launch a group chat on an external window.

Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox.