How do I go online and chat with visitors?

- Visit your website and locate the widget at the bottom of the page
- Click on MENU > "Log in or Sign up"
- Enter the e-mail and password you used to join Flyzoo

The main button will turn from "Leave a message" to "We are online"

I need more time to test the chat, can you extend my trial period?

Sure, we'll be glad to extend your chat trial if needed!

Can I test it on my localhost?

Yes, but you still need to provide your production url when you sign up.

How do I embed a group chat into a page?
Can I use Flyzoo for customer support?

YES. Please log into the dashboard and set this configuration:
- SETUP > CUSTOMIZATION > FEATURES set the main button action to "Live Support"
- SETUP > LIVE SUPPORT ENGAGEMENT > customize the "we are offline/online" popups
- Visit your site and Log into the chat widget to go online for your visitors

How do I buy a subscription?

You can buy a subscription with PayPal from the Dashboard >

Will the chat slow down my site?

No, the chat is loaded asynchronously after the main content and our servers will handle all the chat workload.

I removed Flyzoo but it still shows on the frontend, how do I remove it completely?

Probably pages are being cached. Please try to:
- refresh your browser's cache
- if you are using a caching plugin, please force a refresh, this should fix the issue.
Otherwise, please check that you haven't embedded the chat script into some footer file (like footer.php on WP for instance).

What are concurrent users?

Concurrent users are users having at least an open chat window. For instance, the same user on 2 chat rooms and 2 private chats will still count as one concurrent user.

Can I change my subscription?

Sure, you can do it from the Dashboard. If you upgrade to a yearly or six-month subscription, the system will create a new subscription and issue a refund for the old subscription's unused time.